The Sims Complete Collection

The Sims Complete Collection 1.9

The Sims Complete collection includes The Sims and all the expansions
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The Sims Complete Collection pack includes:
* The Sims Livin’ Large - huge range of objects and styles available for all your Sims.
* The Sims Unleashed - incorporate a nice animal to your Sims’ family. Adopt your pets, train them, buy them toys, and try to prevent them from destroying the house!
* The Sims Superstar - turn into a movie or music star, or even a supermodel and spend your money on whatever you find interesting to furnish your house.
* The Sims Makin’ Magic - cast spells, hypnotize friends, simplify your home tasks and much more.
* The Sims House Party - organize fashion theme parties, get in new group activities, and make of the house a funnier place with different music and dance styles.
* The Sims Hot Date - let your Sims enjoy the delights of building their relationships.
* The Sims Vacation - decide whether your Sims will spend the weekend at a beach, the woods, or the mountains.
* The Sims Creator Tool—create and customize your Sims and enjoy the bonus from earlier collections!

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